The Time Of My Life

Would you like the perfect wedding with the WOW Factor? Would you like ME to create it entirely for you? What’s a perfect wedding?….Celebrating everything that brought you to this moment in a special place with your family and friends. Weddings should be all about the two of you and what makes you happy. Nothing else matters. As long as we include the 124 legally required words, the ceremony can take whatever theme or format you like! I’ll take the time to get to know you and then write a ceremony specifically for the both of you. I’ll do all your legals and you won’t need to worry about a thing. I’ll write a ceremony so special that you’ll never forget it, & neither will your friends and family. And when it’s all done, I’ll hi-five and hug you.

If you’re keen to really get the most out of your ceremony, then this is the one for you.

The ‘Time Of My Life’ package includes:

  •  An ‘obligation free’ first meeting to make sure I’m just right for you.
  • ​An amazing Marriage Celebrant & an amazing personal ceremony
  • Two meetings plus rehearsal (if required)
  • Unlimited wedding script revisions.
  • Continuous phone/email contact with me.
  • Preparation and submission of all paperwork to Births, Deaths & Marriages; All of the legal obligations that are required.
    (if it’s an international wedding we’ll do your legals on Australian ground before or after the trip)
  • Presentation Certificate.
  • A kick ass Bose PA speaker with wireless microphone

I also offer complete flexibility in your booking date, time, and place, as long as  I’m available on the new date and time.
(Inclusive of GST, local travel, legals)
Available worldwide

Legals Only Ceremony

I can marry you with the absolute bare minimum by saying the 124 legals required words, sign some paperwork, and you’re on your way!  This option is popular for couples who may have been together for many years and a requesting a “NO CEREMONY” option to take advantage of marriage equality and be legally married by simply just signing the paperwork. Others may be getting hitched (non legally) overseas but want the legalities sorted here, or those that just want a fuss free, no bells and whistles experience.

I can marry you with the absolute legal minimum requirements. all you have to do is book me in for a Legals only Ceremony, and I’ll prepare the necessary paperwork to get you married 

  • An ‘obligation free’ pre wedding meet to complete the legally required paperwork.
  • The bare minimum ceremony — you, me, 2 witnesses, 124 legally required words, paperwork.
  • Supply and completion and lodgement of all legally required paperwork.
  • Presentation Certificate.
  • Travel to Wedding Day (extra costs may apply for excessive travel distance).

(Inclusive of GST, local travel, legals)

Is There Some other service you're needing help with?
Naming Ceremony, Engagement party other Significant Event?
Just ask..
I'm always open and happy to discuss new & exciting ventures!