So, you’ve decided that having the worst DJ In History isn’t something you want to experience on your wedding day and let’s face it, music can make or break a wedding reception. So you’re now considering live music! Fantastic! What could be better than inviting a couple of people who love what they do to help you enjoy your wedding?

The mood is being set with soft background reception music over entree & dinner and then after the formalities, the party lights turn on, the energy levels kick right up, and the dance floor becomes the focus. Introducing F2-The Frocks duo, winners of 2017’s ‘MO’ Award winners for Best Band and 2017’s and 2018’s ‘ACE’ Awards for Best Covers Band, The Frocks is one of Sydney’s most popular cover bands.

Fronted by yours truly, Maria Temelkos, F2 will create an electrifying atmosphere and perform fun, upbeat songs that most people never hear any other cover duo play. In addition, I can also be your MC for your wedding reception. I’ll carry the same professional, stylish and fun presentation from your ceremony through to your reception and make sure we continue on the right vibe. Relax and have the best time ever as your wedding reception unfolds seamlessly around you. I’ll make sure everything runs super-smoothly, putting your party plans into practice. With me as your MC and/or entertainer, you can leave yourselves and your guests free to enjoy an awesome celebration, knowing I’m on hand to look after everyone. You’ll have continuity throughout your wedding day and because I already know you, your family, your friends, your story and what’s important to you, it makes everything easy and stress-free!

When you choose F2 you’ll always get:
* a packed dance floor,
* Happy guests with tired feet and….
* ear to ear smiles from the fun you’re all going to have.
Let’s make it happen and