An Elopement ceremony is a more intimate experience and we only require a minimum of 2 witnesses, the couple and myself!
Eloping is easy – and I can make it amazing, beautiful, wonderful, romantic….. 
Almost everything is the same. 
BUT you will need to fill in a form, called the Notice of Intent to Marry – and get your signatures witnessed in the Australian Embassy or Consulate, in the country you live in – and then scan it and send it to me. At least a month prior to the ceremony.
You should also check to make sure that an Australian marriage is automatically valid in your country. If it isn’t, you will need to get an Apostille Stamp. Talk to your consulate about how to get one of those. Everything else can be done when you get here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me about elopements.

– I have a real sense of adventure and love surprises, so am more than happy to get fully on board to make your elopement totally right for you. 

$800 (Inclusive of GST, local travel, legals)